Geuzenbond is a youth organisation. We believe that the youth, like every young generation before us, has been given the task to change the face of the Earth. Based on this conviction, we act to unite as many young people as possible for our Nationalist ideal.

In doing this, we value the fact that our movement remains one of youthful energy. It is of importance that a group of dedicated and ideologically educated young people are ready to take over leadership of the organisation once the membership core surpasses the age limit.


Geuzenbond is a nationalist movement, meaning we believe every people deserves its own state in which its culture can be exercised and flourish. We therefore believe the cultural community and state must be one and the same.



We reject Liberalism, with its out-of-control individualism and all-encompassing market ideology. We reject Marxism, which wishes to erase all forms of differences and unique qualities in order to achieve a form of vitality-killing “equality”.

Instead of these two economic, materialist and counternatural ideologies, we support the

Solidarist principles of mutual solidarity, organic communities and subsidiarity.


Geuzenbond believes that the Dutch nation inhabits a territory that is more expansive than the current Kingdom of the Netherlands. We believe the Brussels Mutiny of 1830 to be a huge mistake that should be reversed. We wish to restore the unity of the Dutch nation, promote a national consciousness and through these ways bring to fruition our own culture, language, values and national character.

The Dutch national community consists of

1. the Dutch people living inside the current Northern Netherlands state;

2. the Dutch people living inside the current Belgian state, including Brussels and the stolen Dutch speaking territories;

3. the Dutch people living in South Flanders, who are currently part of the French state;

4. the Dutch people living in the areas of Benthem and Kleef, who are currently part of the German state.



We wish to see these divided parts of the national community united, preferably in a federalist state structure which respects the historical provinces of our country and the regional characteristics of these areas. We wish to see this happen not just through a simple merger of states, but through organic growth towards each other. It is up to our organisation to contribute to a united Dutch consciousness.

Regarding the Afrikaner nation in South Africa: we view them as part of the Dutch tribe. In light of this, we view an intensive cooperation between the Netherlands and an independent Afrikaner state as desirable.

the netherlands

Geuzenbond recognises that European cooperation is necessary in the current age, if one does not want to see European nations being divided by extra-continental forces. A form of European cooperation also provides the chance to build a Europe which is independent from Washington, Moscow and Beijing. The current position of Europe as satellite continent of the United States of America must be ended.


The Liberal European Union as it exists today is absolutely not a desirable form of European cooperation and in fact anti-European. Firstly, there is the most clearly visible fact that this Union promotes mass migration to our continent, which will lead to a Europe in which Europeans lose complete control over their own countries. Secondly, there is the fact that the current EU is simply a collection of pre-existing states, including some fiercely anti-national states which supress smaller native cultures such as Centralist France. Instead, we wish to see a Europe of peoples be established, in which peoples such as the Bretons, Catalans, Basques and other native minorities’ cultures can flourish within their own states.


The Dutch nation must act united within Europe. Both economics-wise as well as populationwise we will be an important and influential part of the European continent this way.


Geuzenbond is a socially conservative movement when it comes to ethics. We view the traditional family as cornerstone of society. This means we view marriage as the union between one man and one woman. We believe spiritual standards should decide material relations, and not the other way around. We absolutely reject unethical practises such as abortion and euthanasia.


Our fatherland is characterised by its nature, which has sadly been greatly reduced in size throughout the centuries. Geuzenbond is in favour of the conservation of nature as well as the creation of new wildlife areas. Besides this, there should be heavy punishments against environmental pollution from a moral standpoint. Man is a part of nature and must recognise its status as part of something larger than just mankind.